cape coat comes back

ahhhh how i love autumn. fallen leaves, warm colors, coats, and ankle boots! i know it’s so mundane to talk about the weather. but it’s getting really cold here in vancouver and the cool weather keeps me whipping out the layers like my favorite BB Dakota coat and black tights. well, i’m not entirely sure if it’s a coat or a cape jacket, but i love it nonetheless. by the way, in some of these pictures i look like i wasn’t wearing any pants LOL. yes it’s true that i wasn’t wearing pants, but i WAS wearing shorts!

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(photos by ell)

BB Dakota cape coat / Pins and Needles dress / Killah ankle boots / vintage shoulder bag

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DIY safety pin charm

just a very quick and easy DIY project i did. can’t really call this a tutorial as i’m just putting bunch of silly things and broken jewelry on a safety pin. hope you like it x

what you will need: large safety pin, anything you can find (pins, buttons, broken jewelry, earrings, etc)

NOTE: ideally you will be putting your broken jewelry or what not on the other part of the safety pin, so when you open the safety pin your charms don’t fall off. but that’s not possible in this case.

you can add as many things on it as you want but i always like to keep it simple. of course the more you add the heavier it gets. you don’t want it to be too heavy if the safety pin charm is going on your clothes!

i made another one, this time adding a ribbon.

(photos by ell)

what i love about fall

how pretty is autumn when the leaves fall? well, that’s one of the reasons i love autumn (other reasons found here). i look forward to the leaves turning shades of reds and yellows every fall.

what are you most excited about this fall?

(photos by ell)

Dressup botanical floral print jacket

Bershka camis

Zara skirt

thrifted braided belt

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