Le Château fedora 紳士帽

Sometimes I really hate how fickle my style is! one day I feel like throwing on a flowery dress, and then the next day tomboy-ish looking shirt. I wish I can just pick a look and stick with it, but it’s so hard! lately I find myself being weirdly entranced by menswear. oxford shoes, bow ties, tweed blazer, and plaid shirts all look so wonderful. but I doubt I will be able to pull off a full-on men’s outfit. so as of now, I will just take baby steps and incorporate oxford shoes and a guy’s fedora into my outfit =)

Apt 9 babydoll cardigan 針織毛衣

All black oxfords 牛津鞋

apt 9 babydoll sweater 針織毛衣

Vancouver antique store main street

vintage Moschino belt 皮帶

(photos by Patty)

apt 9 babydoll sweater

net shorts

vintage Moschino belt

all black oxfords

Le Château fedora

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