aldo bag 包包

i have been rained in for 2 days! so when the sun finally came out this morning, i ran outside with a couple of newly rediscovered pieces from my closet (guess what i have been doing these 2 days?) and snapped a few pictures. i’ve had this zara cardigan for the longest time but never really wore it until recently. i’ve always thought that it was a bit too plain and boring. but i guess a simple cardigan could go well with a busy looking top. like my horsie tank dress here (worn as a tank top). now that’s yet another piece that’s been neglected for a long time. sorry my horsies.

now, check back soon because i have a whole bunch of cool and artistic pictures on this outfit to show you =)

小馬背心洋裝 horsie tank top

zara 針織外套

zara cardigan

(photos by rc)

zara cardigan

horsie tank dress bought at shida night market

shorts bought at wufenpu in taipei

aldo bag

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